Corto Maltese.
Ballad of the Salt Sea

The Ballad of the Salt Sea is the 1st of the twelve titles of Corto Maltese that narrate the adventures of the romantic sailor created by Hugo Pratt in 1967 and now published by IDW Publisher in the USA.

Available since February 2020

The threat of World War I is in the air when the catamaran of the pirate Rasputin rescues a castaway who has been bound hand and foot to a raft and shoved off to drift, until certain death, on the waves of the Pacific. This man has a name destined to become legend: Corto Maltese.

When I was a boy, I realized that I didn’t have a fate line on my hand. So I took my fathers’s razor and – zac! – made one just like I wanted.

What has he done to earn such a cruel punishment? What does he hide behind that enigmatic look? Pandora and Cain, two children from a good family who have fallen by chance into Rasputin’s hands, want to know more. They are not yet aware that this encounter will mark their lives—as well as those of millions of readers—forever.