From 17 to 19 May, during ComicDom CON Athens 2024, Technopolis City will host the exhibition ‘Hugo Pratt, the Heritage, the Artwork, the Biography’, a journey through the stories of Corto Maltese and the life of its author

Organised by the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the publisher Mikros Iros, in collaboration with Cong SA, the exhibition part of the project promoted by the Farnesina also arrives in Greece, during the International Comics Festival.

The land of the Phaeacians where Ulysses was found on the beach by Nausicaa, the island of Rhodes from which Corto began his treasure hunt and Rasputin to the streets of Samarkand, the Overseas Inn in Spetse where Pratt wrote with Michel Pierre Le femmes de Corto Maltese…now the gentlemen of fortune return to Greece.

In the spaces of the Technopolis City of this 18th edition of the Athens International Comics Festival, the exhibition dedicated to Pratt and Corto enriches the packed programme dedicated to fans of the ninth art.

The exhibition, curated by Patrizia Zanotti, comprises 27 large-size panels, which constitute a visual and informative journey through the imagery of the creator’s archetype, tr