A special issue published by «L’Histoire et Marianne» and dedicated to Corto Maltese, in newsstands in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada starting July 18, 2013.

In this special issue, the historical context of Hugo Pratt’s stories is analyzed for the first time. Approximately fifteen eminent historians revisit, album by album, the adventures of Corto Maltese in a richly illustrated work edited by Michel Pierre, a great friend of the artist.

histore-marianneFrom the Russo-Japanese War to the Irish Revolution to World War I; from the Armenian Genocide to memories of slavery in the Caribbean; in the death throes of empires, when nations reawaken and the people react violently to free themselves–Corto is everywhere.

A tribute to Hugo Pratt for Corto Maltese fans.

Corto Maltese is often described as a “literary comic strip,” but it is not entirely correct to imagine Pratt as solely interested in literature. His personal library, which contained twenty thousand works, was rather that of a historian.

A special issue produced by «L’Histoire et Marianne» for €6.90 in newsstands starting July 18.