Hugo Pratt, the path of dreams

May 25th – November 24th, 2019
Fondation Folon
Drève de la Ramée 6/A,
1310 La Hulpe, Belgium

The exhibit is divided in three sections: Nature, Time, and Characters, and is represented by mirror, shadow and light games, thus creating assonances with Hugo Pratt’s universe. It is enriched by the author’s quotes, which narrate his vision of dreams, his reality becoming intertwined with myths and fantasy.

The alternation between dreams and realistic narration is present in the entirety of Hugo Pratt’s work. His universe is fed by tales, stories, and legends, which in turn are anchored in the myths of humanity.

Hugo Pratt, the path of dreams
Hugo Pratt, the path of dreams

Hugo Pratt, the path of dreams

The catalogue, co-edited by Gallimard and Cong Edizioni, will be available through the Folon Foundation, in an exclusive pre-sale, from May to September, 2019

Format: paperback
Flexible cover with dust jacket
120 pages in color
Language: French
ISBN- 978-2-7424-5913-1
28,00 Euro