Organized in all the Centre Pompidou spaces “La BD à tous les étages“ is an exceptional celebration of the 9th art that explores this form of artistic expression in all its diversity.

With “La BD à tous les etages”, comics will literally occupy all the spaces of the Beabourg, and Corto Maltese will be the only character to have an entire section dedicated to him. And what could be a more appropriate location than the Bibliothéque Publique d’Information, to narrate a journey through the literary references in Hugo Pratt’s work?

Corto Maltese Pompidou
Free admission subject to availability of seats
BPI, level 2
29 May – 4 November. 2024
12pm – 10pm, every mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays
10am – 10pm, every saturdays, sundays


In the exhibition ‘Corto Maltese, Une vie romanesque’ set up in the Bibliothéque, the leitmotif for the visitor will be Corto’s literary references, more than 120 original drawings and illustrations in addition to reproductions, period magazines and books taken directly from Hugo Pratt’s legendary library.

A journey divided into three parts, developed by Beaubourg in close collaboration with co-curator Patrizia Zanotti and the Cong SA team. The