Enchanted Periplus is entirely dedicated to the 50 years of Hugo Pratt’s comics.

The trilingual version (Italian/English/French) is available in bookstores starting November 6, 2013.

Hugo Pratt - Periplo IncantatoWith this third volume, dedicated to the complete comic book works by Pratt – including lesser known and in some cases previously unpublished stories – the task of assembling and analyzing the work of the Master of Malamocco continues.

Enchanted Periplus is a collection of carefully selected panels drawn by that unmistakable hand over the course of fifty years of artistic activity. The panels are categorized according to the author’s preferred themes: autumn, women, the desert, magic, seafaring adventures…

Enchanted Periplus is a gallery rich with images of great expressive power that take us to Africa, America, Siberia, Argentina, down secret passages, and into hidden courtyards in search of legendary lost treasures. It’s a new, graphically impressive way to rediscover the unsurpassed talent of the father of Corto Maltese.

Publisher: Rizzoli-Lizard, Italia
Language: trilingual Italian/English/French
Format : 30 cm x 30 cm
Cover: softbound with French flaps
Edition: four-color printing
 : 464
ISBN : 978-88-17-06071-4
Cover price:  70 €
Publication date: November 6, 2013