Hugo Pratt da Genova ai mari del Sud, an exhibition that celebrates a historical period of Italian comics: from Sergeant Kirk to the birth of Corto Maltese, get ready to set sail for distant islands in the wind.

From the beginning of October, the catalog will also be available, which contains an important surprise. Designed as the 63rd issue of Sgt. Kirk magazine, in addition to the images from the exhibition, it also contains an unpublished story by Hugo Pratt never published in Europe.

From October 10th 2021 to March 20th 2022 – extended until May 8th 2022!

Hugo Pratt and Genoa, from history to legends

The exhibition “Hugo Pratt da Genova ai mari del Sud” (Hugo Pratt from Genoa to the South Seas) was born from a story, which then created a legend.
In the 1960s, the businessman Florenzo Ivaldi decided to make his dream come true: to create a comic book magazine where the artist he most admired, Hugo Pratt, would work. Pratt had just returned to Italy from Argentina where, together with Hector German Oesterheld and many others, he had created the embryo of what would be called “drawn literature” in the near future. Ivaldi joined Pratt in Venice, they sat down at Scarso’s and there he expressed his dream. Nobody will ever know what was said, between a glass of wine and stories of distant lands; the fact is that in 1967 Hugo Pratt moved to Genoa and soon after began the magazine Sgt. Kirk.

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