“CORTO” is the first parlor game inspired by the magical and adventure-filled universe of Corto Maltese.

Choose your adventures and then experience them directly. With Corto’s help and in spite of Rasputin’s interference, players will form groups of explorers and seize the gold from hidden treasures.  Action, surprises, and loot are all guaranteed!

corto-raspuntinGo on a treasure hunt – Get help from the Leopard Men – Ambush the train carrying Russian  gold… Which adventure is the one for you?

Exclusive! The player pieces depicting Corto and Rasputin were created just for this game!

Authors: Laurent Escoffier e Sébastien Pauchon
Publishers: Ludocom / Matagot 

Download the rules of the game (French/English) at : www.corto-thegame.com
Distributor for Italy: Asterion, www.asterionpress.com

Bilingual French/English version available.