Corto Maltese is back with ‘Tarowean’s Day’ all over the world

Inspired by Hugo Pratt work 

Written by: Juan Díaz Canales
Drawn by:  Rubén Pellejero

November 1st is Tarowean’s day, or, the day of surprises. Just like that, the surprise arrives on the first of November with the publication of the next of Corto Maltese’s adventures, drawn and written by Ruben Pellejero and Juan Diaz Canales.

The new story, the third realized by the two Spanish authors after Hugo Pratt’s death, is the prequel to “The Ballad of the Salty Sea.” “Tarowean’s Day” concludes with the iconic image of Corto tied to the raft, right where his millions of fans discovered him for the first time in 1967.

The ingredients found in the story remain the classical ones. In it we find the Pacific Ocean between the Borneo and New Caledonia, with its waves and its silences, we find a prince chased from his own island who lost his memory and his freedom, we find the Monk who will always remain the ruthless sovereign of his faithful subjects, we find a “girl from Amsterdam” who lost the use of her legs and now resembles a seductress siren, we undoubtedly find Rasputin who will take care of his own interests and profits with the honest cynicism of a good rogue.

Mixed between charming women and propitiatory rites, we find the star in question: Corto Maltese, who will even reach the point of getting engaged to a good woman wrongfully accused of a crime. Corto will not end up at the altar, as per the sailor’s contract and that of free citizen of the world, however, he will save the girl from an atrocious end. And just as everything seems to have turned out for the better, with a prince ready to step back onto his throne, Corto will have to face the mutiny of his ship’s crew, leading to his jump into the Pacific and onto the raft.

The storm of the day of surprises will be, from what can be foreseen, swept by naval mutinies, islands and tyrants, and ambitious monks. Rasputin, along with Pandora and Cain, will then arrive to save him, but this is yet another story.

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Denmark / Corto Maltese – Taroweans-dag

Efter Hugo Pratt

Forfatter : Juan Díaz Canales
Tegner:  Rubén Pellejero

Siden udgivelsen af Balladen om det fordømte hav har millioner af læsere verden over undret sig over, hvilke omstændigheder der førte til, at Corto Maltese befandt sig bundet til en tømmerjlade, drivende rundt i Stillehavet ikke langt fra Øen Escondida …

Hvorfor gjorde besætningen mytteri mod deres kaptajn, Corto Maltese? Hvilke roller spillede Le Moine og Rasputin i dette eventyr?
Corto Maltese -Taroweans-dag afslører endelig det mest berømte mysterium i Stillehavet.

Faraos Cigarer
Sider: 88 farver
Format: 22,5 x 30,3 cm
Sprog: dansk
ISBN: 978-87-93766-21-1
248 dkk
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